Mary Raffia Sandal Natural

Raffy is a natural fiber obtained from palm leaves. These sandals are known for their lightweight and natural beauty, making them ideal for warmer weather. They often come in natural colors that reflect the earthy tones of the raffy material itself. Raffy sandals typically feature a relaxed design, with straps and soles made from raffy or other natural materials, adding to their eco-friendly appeal. They are a popular choice for those looking for footwear that combines style and sustainability. 

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Size: US 6 / EU 36 / 22.5 cm
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The “natural raffia sandal” is a stylish and eco-friendly option made primarily from raffia, a natural fiber derived from palm leaves. These sandals typically feature a minimalist design, with an emphasis on the organic texture and color of the raffia material, which is often light beige or brown. The sandals are known for their lightweight and breathable properties, making them comfortable to wear in warm weather. In terms of design, raffia sandals may feature woven raffia straps, providing a secure fit while maintaining flexibility. The soles are usually made from durable materials such as rubber or synthetic compounds, ensuring longevity and comfort for long-term wear.

SD 217
87 Items

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