List of products by brand Raffia offers

Discover our exclusive raffia collection! Enjoy stylish raffia bags and sandals crafted for summer adventures. Dive into sustainable fashion with our limited-time offers and elevate your seasonal style effortlessly."

Buy One, Get One ( Offer**

- **Offer:** Buy a raffia bag and get a raffia sandal at 50% off.

- **Benefit:** Encourages customers to purchase both items while providing them with a discount incentive.

Bundle Deals**

- **Offer:** Purchase a raffia bag, sandals, and a matching hat as a bundle for a discounted price.

- **Benefit:** Increases average order value and provides customers with a complete summer ensemble.

Limited-Time Discounts**

- **Offer:** 20% off all raffia products for a weekend sale.

- **Benefit:** Creates urgency and encourages quick purchasing decisions.

Seasonal Promotions**

- **Offer:** Summer kick-off sale: Special prices on all raffia items throughout the summer season.

- **Benefit:** Attracts seasonal shoppers looking for summer accessories.

Flash Sales**

- **Offer:** Flash sale alert! 30% off select raffia bags and sandals for the next 24 hours.

- **Benefit:** Generates excitement and urgency among customers.

Exclusive Pre-order Offers**

- **Offer:** Pre-order our new collection of raffia products and receive a free gift with your purchase.

- **Benefit:** Builds anticipation for new arrivals and rewards early adopters.

Referral Program**

- **Offer:** Refer a friend and both receive 15% off your next purchase of raffia products.

- **Benefit:** Encourages word-of-mouth marketing and expands your customer base.

Free Shipping**

- **Offer:** Free shipping on all raffia orders for a limited time.

- **Benefit:** Reduces cart abandonment and makes the offer more attractive to online shoppers.

Gift with Purchase**

- **Offer:** Receive a complimentary raffia keychain with every purchase of a raffia bag or sandals.

- **Benefit:** Adds value to the purchase and delights customers with a small gift.

Social Media Contest**

- **Offer:** Enter to win a raffia bag and sandals set by liking, sharing, and tagging friends on our social media posts.

- **Benefit:** Increases social media engagement and reaches a broader audience.

### Implementation Tips:

- **Clear Communication:** Clearly state the terms and conditions of each offer to avoid confusion.

- **Visual Appeal:** Use high-quality images and videos of your raffia products to attract attention.

- **Promotion Period:** Set specific start and end dates for each offer to create urgency.

- **Segmented Marketing:** Target different customer segments with personalized offers based on their preferences.

By implementing these offers and strategies effectively, you can drive sales and increase brand awareness for your raffia products during the summer season.

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